ᐅ169+ Gym Quotes to Keep You Motivated During Workouts

"Beast Mode Activated."

"New Year. Same hardcore attitude."

"Addicted to the iron."

"As soon as I leave the gym I just wanna go back."

"Every time you feel like giving up.. Don't."

"When you put your headphones on and getting ready to lift some heavy shit."

"You are always stronger than you think."

"When you feel the burn and loving every second of it."

Try to push yourself further than before. Every single time you hit the gym."

"There is no substitute for hard work. Get in the gym and work your fucking ass off."

"The gym is like home to me."

"Strong is sexy."

"One does not simply resist cheat meals."

"Mind over muscle. Believe it before you do it."

"Add weights. Get stronger. Repeat."

"Does it burn? Good. Push through it."

"Decide that you want it and go for it."

"Lift heavy shit until it's not heavy anymore."

"Attempt the impossible. Every time you go into the gym."

"Walk into the gym and create your own future."

"There are 365 days this year. Each and every day is a chance to improve yourself."

"Believe in yourself. Work fucking harder. There is no one that can stop you but you." - Joey Swoll

"There are no shortcuts. Everything is reps, reps, reps." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"We all have the ability to turn our own portrait into a masterpiece." - Kai Greene

"When it burns like fucking hell and you think you can't do another rep. That's when you do more."

"A lack of focus leads to a lack of progress. Focus. Lift. Grow."

"All you need is the courage to lift. Heavy."

"You don't "wake up" or "fall into" greatness. You work your ass off, you fight and you fucking take it."

"There is no secret to greatness. What separates the good from the great is the very rare trait of not being satisfied with "good."

"Addicted to the pump."

"Believe in yourself and do things you never thought you could."

"Continue to go after your dream. Day after day. Workout after workout."

"Focus on the muscle not the weight. Leave your ego at the door."

"Patience, persistence and consistency is the pathway to victory."

"The iron. The pain. The Sweat. All the hard work. Love it."

"I don't give up. Ever."

"When you wake up after leg day and can barely walk."