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“Little Red Riding Hood was my first love. I felt that if I could

"Little Red Riding Hood was my first love. I felt that if I could have married Little Red Riding Hood, I should have known perfect bliss." ~ Charles Dickens

"See?" Fezzik pointed then. Far down, at the very bottom of the mountain path, the man in black could be seen running. "Inigo is beaten." Inconceivable!" exploded the Sicilian. Fezzik never dared disagree with the hunchback. "I'm so stupid," Fezzik nodded. "Inigo has not lost to the man in black, he has defeated him. And to prove it he has put on all the man in black's clothes and masks and hoods and boots and gained eighty pounds." ~ William Goldman

“Why do you wear a mask and hood?” I think everybody will

"Why do you wear a mask and hood?" I think everybody will in the near future," was the man in black's reply. "They're terribly comfortable." ~ William Goldman

"We're in the Chicago suburbs, ruling our 'hood and the streets that lead here. It's a street war, where other suburban gangs fight us for territory. Three blocks away are mansions and million-dollar houses. Right here, in the real world, the street war rages on. The people in the million-dollar houses don't even realize a battle is about to begin less than a half mile from their backyards." ~ Simone Elkeles

"The wolf said, "You know, my dear, it isn't safe for a little girl to walk through these woods alone." Red Riding Hood said, "I find your sexist remark offensive in the extreme, but I will ignore it because of your traditional status as an outcast from society, the stress of which has caused you to develop your own, entirely valid worldview. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be on my way." ~ James Finn Garner

“So passed the seasons then, so they pass now, and so they will

"So passed the seasons then, so they pass now, and so they will pass in time to come, while we come and go like leaves of the tree that fall and are soon forgotten." ~ Howard Pyle

"Individual web pages as they first appeared in the early 1990s had the flavour of person-hood. MySpace preserved some of that flavour, though a process of regularized formatting had begun. Facebook went further, organizing people into multiple-choice identities while Wikipedia seeks to erase point of view entirely. If a church or government were doing these things, it would feel authoritarian, but when technologists are the culprits, we seem hip, fresh, and inventive. People accept ideas presented in technological form that would be abhorrent in any other forms" ~ Jaron Lanier

“You could name practically any problem in the hood and there’d

"You could name practically any problem in the hood and there'd be a rap song for you." ~ Jay-Z

"Harvey wasn't interested in the clothes, it was the masks that mesmerized him. They were like snowflakes: no two alike. Some were made of wood and of plastic; some of straw and cloth and papier-mâché. Some were as bright as parrots, others as pale as parchment. Some were so grotesque he was certain they'd been carved by crazy people; others so perfect they looked like the death masks of angels. There were masks of clowns and foxes, masks like skulls decorated with real teeth, and one with carved flames instead of hair." ~ Clive Barker

“A famous man is Robin Hood, The English ballad-singer’s joy.

"A famous man is Robin Hood, The English ballad-singer's joy." ~ William Wordsworth

“Wanna move out the hood and defeat that cancer

"Wanna move out the hood and defeat that cancer I ask how she stay on her feet like dancers How she keep on adding paint to a life-size canvas." ~ Lil B

"We urgently need to bring to our communities the limitless capacity to love, serve, and create for and with each other. We urgently need to bring the neighbor back into our hoods, not only in our inner cities but also in our suburbs, our gated communities, on Main Street and Wall Street, and on Ivy League campuses." ~ Grace Lee Boggs

"Ripe vegetables were magic to me. Unharvested, the garden bristled with possibility. I would quicken at the sight of a ripe tomato, sounding its redness from deep amidst the undifferentiated green. To lift a bean plant's hood of heartshaped leaves and discover a clutch of long slender pods handing underneath could make me catch my breath." ~ Michael Pollan

“The story of Little Blue Riding Hood is true. Only the color has been

"The story of Little Blue Riding Hood is true. Only the color has been changed to prevent an investigation." ~ Stan Freberg

“I can dine at the White House, but I can still hang at the ‘hood

"I can dine at the White House, but I can still hang at the 'hood." ~ Wendy Raquel Robinson

"If any group of citizens is uniquely unqualified to tell someone else how to vote, it's those of us who live in the sheltered, privileged arena of celebrity hood......Trust me, one's view of the world isn't any clearer from the back seat of a limo." ~ Pat Sajak

"If you outlaw half a million people you make martyrs of them. For example, if you outlaw Robin Hood, it is all very well, but if you outlaw a whole group of people around Robin Hood, then Robin Hood and his merry men become legends." ~ Baldur von Schirach

"Being preoccupied with our self-image is like being deaf and blind. It's like standing in the middle of a vast field of wildflowers with a black hood over our heads. It's like coming upon a tree of singing birds while wearing earplugs." ~ Pema Chodron

"In true-life dramas, you have to do so much research. It's a big responsibility to make sure things are as correct as possible. In 'Robin Hood', you have more artistic license - it's all action, adventure and reaction. This gives everyone a chance to make their characters their own and to make them believable." ~ Joanne Froggatt

“I can say that I had a particularly painful teenage-hood.

"I can say that I had a particularly painful teenage-hood." ~ Kat Dennings

“Do you think there’d be a Givenchy in the hood if it wasn’t

"Do you think there'd be a Givenchy in the hood if it wasn't for that South Park photo?" ~ Kanye West

"If the hoods don't get you, the monoxide will." ~ Tom Lehrer

“I still do not understand how a corporation can have person-hood

"I still do not understand how a corporation can have person-hood if it has no soul and never dies." ~ Jon Stewart

"We have not faith, we have not patience to see this. We trust the man in the street; but there is one being in the universe we never trust and that is God. We trust Him when He works just our way. But the time will come when, getting blow after blow, the self - sufficient mind will die. In everything we do, the serpent ego is rising up. We are glad that there are so many thorns on the path. They strike the hood of the cobra." ~ Swami Vivekananda

"It's not that I prefer black girls, but that's who I find myself relating to as a human being. I am also attracted to really ghetto girls, straight out the hood... a thickey, a real 'pass the hot sauce' type girl." ~ Jon B.

"We don't all dig Shakespeare uniformly, or even 'Little Red Riding Hood.' The understanding of art depends finally upon one's willingness to extend one's humanity and one's knowledge of human life." ~ Ralph Ellison

“You’ll see everything from gold teeth to hood ornaments.

"You'll see everything from gold teeth to hood ornaments. It's almost like Halloween during August." ~ David Carson

“All through the hood, I’m grippin’ wood and blowin’ pine”

"All through the hood, I'm grippin' wood and blowin' pine" ~ Paul Wall

“Hood films now are made by studios and have nothing to do with the reality

"Hood films now are made by studios and have nothing to do with the reality they supposedly represent." ~ Mathieu Kassovitz

"The hood-winked husband shows his anger, and the word jealous is flung in his face. Jealous husband equals betrayed husband. And there are women who look upon jealousy as synonymous with impotence, so that the betrayed husband can only shut his eyes, powerless in the face of such accusations." ~ August Strindberg

“I’m like Robin Hood. I rob the rich to make these projects come alive

"I'm like Robin Hood. I rob the rich to make these projects come alive... not really rob. It's done with a smile." ~ Imelda Marcos

"What happened to those men and women at Fort Hood had a horrible symbolism: Members of the best trained, best equipped fighting force on the planet gunned down by a guy who said a few goofy things no one took seriously. And that's the problem: America has the best troops and fiercest firepower, but no strategy for throttling the ideology that drives the enemy — in Afghanistan and in Texas." ~ Mark Steyn

“I won’t forget the hood. I won’t forget the days of catching a bullet on the

"I won't forget the hood. I won't forget the days of catching a bullet on the way to the mailbox or bricks with death threats that somehow made their way through the window." ~ Pau Gasol

"I can remember being in my pram: children stayed in their prams much longer then than they do now. A big bouncy pram with black covers and a hood with metal clips that could trap your fingers. I was looking up at my sister who was sitting on the pram seat, with her back to me." ~ Helen Dunmore

“Robin Hood had it right.Humanity’s deepest wish is to spread the wealth.

"Robin Hood had it right.Humanity's deepest wish is to spread the wealth." ~ Frans de Waal

"Real shapes and real patterns are things you would observe in nature, like the marks on the back of a cobra's hood or the markings on a fish or a lizard. Imaginary shapes are just that, symbols that come to a person in dreams or reveries and are charged with meaning." ~ Jim Woodring

"When you buy a used car, you kick the tires, you look at the odometer, you open up the hood. If you do not feel yourself an expert in automobile engines, you bring a friend who is. And you do this with something as unimportant as an automobile. But on the issues of the transcendent, of ethics, of morals, of the origins of the world, of the nature of human beings, on those issues should we not insist upon at least equally skeptical scrutiny?" ~ Carl Sagan

"Most parents have college funds and things. I don't. I call myself the "hood daddy." I got their money in cash, stashed up. I don't have plans for my kids. I just want them to be happy." ~ Fetty Wap

"I come from making money in the streets. The streets all I know. All my family is still in the streets. So, it's going to be hard to pull me right back into that. When I ain't doing no shows four days out of the week, I may be in my hood or at my grandma's house in the hood. But yes, I got a kid. I got to get more serious about the music so he don't get dragged into that life." ~ Shy Glizzy

"Therefore, what you do as a spiritual practitioner in this life shapes that. To seek and find this beautiful, continuing existence, where there can be more progress towards Buddha-hood, toward love, and wisdom, and helping all being etc. So that's the great value of it." ~ Robert Thurman

“I have tons of rescuing fantasies based on the movies I saw when

"I have tons of rescuing fantasies based on the movies I saw when I was growing up. I wanted to be Robin Hood and the Three Musketeers and the Scarlet Pimpernel." ~ Harold Ramis

“The real is always presented. That hardcore record or movie is not needed in the hood

"The real is always presented. That hardcore record or movie is not needed in the hood, because it's already there. You can see it with your own eyes." ~ Ice Cube

"People are still tied to their hoods, and it's usually not the artist, it's usually the friends and instigators who get it popping." ~ Ice Cube

“Anybody can make hood music or club records, that’s not hard.

"Anybody can make hood music or club records, that's not hard. But can you make music that touch people's souls. That's what I was out to do." ~ Gorilla Zoe

"I'd take about 40 thousand CDs, and then take about three full vans of people to hit every hood, every mall, and every club. Just hit one city to the next." ~ Gorilla Zoe

"When you look at men's fashion magazines, you see a lot of well-groomed guys in suits, but very rarely do you see a lot of guys in drop-crotch and hoods with high-tops. It's coming, though, because guys in suits and short hair are beginning to look like they're from another time." ~ Ian Astbury

"I just don't want the fear from the right to be used by the [Barack] Obama administration to silence critics. We have to be willing to tell the truth because we're trying to speak about conditions that are being rendered invisible in our prisons and schools in the hood and so forth and so on." ~ Cornel West

"Maid Marion, who said to Robin Hood, I will not live in a house with a Little John. Never got a dinner!" ~ Red Buttons

"Black folks don't have a chance, so they are in the hood, dealing drugs, in a shoot-out. They do it again and one more time they are out." ~ Snoop Dogg

"You could easily play the guy as straight-up hood throughout the whole movie, the Imperial Courts, but writer and director Malik Vitthal envisioned a human being that has never been seen before in film: a black man in circumstances that he does not like, who is passionate - persistent - in turning it around." ~ John Boyega

"In Hollywood they say there's no business like show business. In the hood they say there's no business like ho' business." ~ Curtis Jackson

"I was 10 when I realised I couldn't stand football. I'd tried, obviously, before this - no one wants to give in to social pariah-hood without a fight. I had stood frozen on pitches, done some running about and shouted a lot, as though I cared." ~ Andrew O'Hagan

"I was mischievous. I wasn't bad. I stole food so we could eat. My mother didn't know. I used to tell her some man gave me $10 to sweep out the yard. I was like Robin Hood. I took from the rich and gave to the poor. Me." ~ Mr. T

"Yeah, I was a brother on the streets of Compton doing a lot of things most people look down on but it did pay off. Then we started rapping about real stuff that shook up the LAPD and the FBI. But we got our message across big time, and everyone in America started paying attention to the boys in the hood." ~ Eazy-E

"There are a lot of directors who make big money and do big things and then move out of the 'hood" ~ Tyrese Gibson

"I think that the new models of Chevrolet should have Barney Frank as a hood ornament." ~ Sean Hannity

"MTV and the culture industry never are talking about community relevance, hood organization, they aren't talking about ethical codes, they aren't talking about forms of political organization, they don't speak about codes inside the jails. What they talk about are superficial things." ~ Bocafloja

"I spend a lot of time out there. I've got a lot of family that lives in Inglewood and surrounding areas. So I'm right in the hood, every time I go there I go see my peoples. I rep real hard for the people that I see that are the counterparts of what I'm trying to do out here, out there." ~ Immortal Technique

"I work with Kick G.A.M.E., the grassroots artist movement. Not to tell people we have the best union plan in the world, but to show people that if some activists, if some revolutionaries, if some street organizers from the hood can come together and put together a preliminary program to give health care to independent artists." ~ Immortal Technique

"Well, for the transition from rapper to actor, I was fortunate that director John Singleton pursued me for about two years to be in Boyz 'N the Hood. I really wasn't even thinking about acting at the time, since I was singularly focused on being the best rapper in the world. So, that was really a blessing, because I wasn't really taking him seriously." ~ Ice Cube

"I think the new school is dope. Artists like Kid Cudi, The Cool Kids, Drake and Wale can come out of middle class homes and be on tracks with people like Jay-Z, who's from the hood and the street." ~ SonReal

"Now it seems like hip hop belongs to the people you see in the videos and radios. So I want to give it bring it back to the hood, make a statement for NY to put us back in our proper perspective, and of course let them know that Ra still spits fire." ~ Rakim

"I used to write my own versions of famous tales, such as William Tell or Robin Hood, and illustrate them myself, too. When I entered my teens, I got more into horror and science fiction and wrote a lot of short stories. A literary education complicated things and for many years I wrote nothing but poetry. Then I got back to story-telling." ~ Peter Robinson

"When you're a screenwriter, it's like being a mechanic. You open the hood of the story, the director is the driver, and he says, "What do you think? It's a little tough."" ~ Thomas Bidegain

"When we come back to fantasy, I think we're actually coming back to the real bedrock of storytelling. Our national or international genre really is fantasy, if you think about the worldwide myths and legends and stories that we all know, whether we're talking about Little Red Riding Hood or the Arabian Nights or Noah's Ark or Hercules. These are stories that cross many cultures in much the same way that dragons cross many cultures." ~ Robin Hobb

"In the 1990s - the period of the greatest escalation of the drug war - nearly 80 percent of the increase in drug arrests was for marijuana possession, a drug less harmful than alcohol or tobacco and at least, if not more, prevalent in middle class white neighborhoods and college campuses as it is in the 'hood." ~ Michelle Alexander

"We have our classic hood movies, right? Like "Boyz in the Hood." We have our classic conscious films like Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing," or "Stand By Me." Even beyond Coogler, there are black films that are just voices. So the intention behind this ["The Land"] was to capture today's." ~ Steven Caple Jr.

"My dad was in the hood, he was a minister, and he would always put churches in the ghetto." ~ Wyclef Jean

"The reason why we're warriors is that we rise to the occasion; anyone that's felt like the system put them down, and then they rose to the occasion, they're a warrior. It's not about whether you come from the hood or you come from the suburbs, you know what I mean? It's about reality and life." ~ Wyclef Jean

"It might take a while but I think the rap game is the people that can do it. We're all role models more than athletes because athletes don't wear clothes like the kid in the hood and they don't walk and talk like the kids in the hood. We're closer to them than anybody because they can look at us and see them." ~ Rakim

"I get the Martian look all the time even in the hood. I walk down to the shopping block and people just look at me with their mouth open man like what are you doing out here and I'm like I'm trying to get a pair of sneakers duke what's good? What are you doing [and I'm like] I'm hungry I wanted some juice and I needed some bread." ~ Rakim

"It is what it is but I do me and I think people respect that. They see me out in the hood by myself or with wifey and I don't have no bodyguards." ~ Rakim

"What I want to do right now is give hip hop back to the hood. Before it was a neighborhood thing where it belonged to the hood and the rappers were reporting and there were rules and parameters. Now it seems like the artist's game." ~ Rakim

"Plenty of drug dealing does happen in the 'hood, but it happens everywhere else in America as well. In fact, some studies suggest that where significant differences in the data can be found, white youth are more likely to engage in illegal drug dealing than black youth." ~ Michelle Alexander

"The common thread linking the major Islamic terrorist attacks that have recently occurred on our soil - 9/11, the Ft. Hood shooting, the Boston Bombing, the San Bernardino attack, the Orlando attack - is that they have involved immigrants or the children of immigrants. Clearly, new screening procedures are needed." ~ Donald Trump

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