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“The pencil you leave it there, and it’s dead. It doesn’t do anything

"The pencil you leave it there, and it's dead. It doesn't do anything and it doesn't move by itself. It doesn't offer anything; it's totally submissive to you." ~ Massimo Vignelli

"She had not wanted him to but had let him have his way because ever since she was a child she had generally yielded before anyone with strong willpower, especially if it was a man, not because she was naturally submissive, but because strong male willpower gave her a feeling of safety and trust, together with acceptance and a desire to give in." ~ Amos Oz

“I hold strongly to this: that it is better to be impetuous than circumspect;

"I hold strongly to this: that it is better to be impetuous than circumspect; because fortune is a woman and if she is to be submissive it is necessary to beat and coerce her." ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

“Have there ever been more submissive slaves? Adoring, even in their irons,

"Have there ever been more submissive slaves? Adoring, even in their irons, the God who punishes them." ~ Jean Racine

"We do not find happiness by being assertive. We don't find happiness by running over people because we see what we want and they are in the way of that happiness so we either abandon them or we smash them. The Scriptures don't teach us to be assertive. The Scriptures teach us — and this is remarkable — the Scriptures teach us to be submissive. This is not a popular idea." ~ Rich Mullins

“My biggest challenge will be to play the totally submissive woman.

"My biggest challenge will be to play the totally submissive woman. It takes a toll on you when you play someone who's far removed from your personality." ~ Regina King

“Turning the other cheek isn’t submissive. It’s defiant.

"Turning the other cheek isn't submissive. It's defiant." ~ Roy H. Williams

“No fear or shame in the dignity of your experience, language, and knowledge.

"No fear or shame in the dignity of your experience, language, and knowledge." ~ Jack Kerouac

“Good fiction makes me turn off all the other parts of my brain, so that

"Good fiction makes me turn off all the other parts of my brain, so that I become quiet and submissive, entirely at the mercy of the work at hand." ~ Gary Shteyngart

“Man is so muddled, so dependent on the things immediately before his eyes,

"Man is so muddled, so dependent on the things immediately before his eyes, that every day even the most submissive believer can be seen to risk the torments of the afterlife for the smallest pleasure." ~ Joseph de Maistre

"My husband said, 'Now you need to go and get a post-doctorate degree in tax law.' Tax law! I hate taxes. Why should I go and do something like that? But the Lord says, 'Be submissive, wives, you are to be submissive to your husbands.'" ~ Michele Bachmann

"A submissive spirit might be patient, a strong understanding would supply resolution, but here was something more; here was that elasticity of mind, that disposition to be comforted, that power of turning readily from evil to good, and of finding employment which carried her out of herself, which was from nature alone. It was the choicest gift of Heaven; and Anne viewed her friend as one of those instances in which, by a merciful appointment, it seems designed to counterbalance almost every other want." ~ Jane Austen

"Many young men, when they receive their first wife, are just so untrained. The woman, if she's not careful, will be overbearing and always ask permission for what she wants. And ladies, build up your husband by being submissive. That's how you will give your children success; you will want your children to be obedient, to be submissive to righteous living." ~ Warren Jeffs

“The man of power is ruined by power, the man of money by money

"The man of power is ruined by power, the man of money by money, the submissive man by subservience, the pleasure seeker by pleasure." ~ Hermann Hesse

“Humility is often only feigned submission which people use to render others submissive.

"Humility is often only feigned submission which people use to render others submissive. It is a subterfuge of pride which lowers itself in order to rise." ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Looking away is submissive. Looking [..] in the eye is a challenge." ~ Veronica Roth

"There's a certain way people are used to seeing nude women, and that's in a submissive, coy pose, not looking at the camera. And in this poster, I'm looking dead into the camera with no expression on my face. I think it freaks a lot of people out." ~ Rooney Mara

"If men don’t have to be aggressive in order to be accepted, women won’t feel compelled to be submissive. If men don’t have to control, women won’t have to be controlled." ~ Emma Watson

"The people want wholesome dread. They want to fear something. They want someone to frighten them and make them shudderingly submissive." ~ Ernst Rohm

"Man is about to be an automaton; he is identifiable only in the computer. As a person of worth and creativity, as a being with an infinite potential, he retreats and battles the forces that make him inhuman. The dissent we witness is a reaffirmation of faith in man; it is protest against living under rules and prejudices and attitudes that produce the extremes of wealth and poverty and that make us dedicated to the destruction of people through arms, bombs, and gases, and that prepare us to think alike and be submissive objects for the regime of the computer." ~ William O. Douglas

"In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it." ~ Laozi

"The sadistic person is as dependent on the submissive person as the latter is on the former; neither can live without the other. The difference is only that the sadistic person commands, exploits, hurts, humiliates, and that the masochistic person is commanded, exploited, hurt, humiliated. This is a considerable difference in a realistic sense; in a deeper emotional sense, the difference is not so great as that which they both have in common: fusion without integrity ." ~ Erich Fromm

"Great souls are always loyally submissive, reverent to what is over them: only small mean souls are otherwise." ~ Thomas Carlyle

"Men love a submissive woman, Damon said simply. Even when they say the don't. There's just something about a beautiful, soft woman looking to them to protect and take care of them that inspires a man to greatness." ~ Maya Banks

"To truly be feminine means being soft, receptive, and - look out, here it comes - submissive." ~ Gabrielle Reece

"Despotism may govern without faith, but liberty cannot. How is it possible that society should escape destruction if the moral tie is not strengthened in proportion as the political tie is relaxed? And what can be done with a people who are their own masters if they are not submissive to the Deity?" ~ Alexis de Tocqueville

"The life that intends to be wholly obedient, wholly submissive, wholly listening, is astonishing in its completeness. Its joys are ravishing, its peace profound, its humility the deepest, its power world-shaking, its love enveloping, its simplicity that of a trusting child." ~ Thomas Raymond Kelly

“I’m not averse to being tied up in silk scarves. I like a man to take charge.

"I'm not averse to being tied up in silk scarves. I like a man to take charge. There's something very sexy about being submissive." ~ Eva Longoria

"I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman." ~ Anais Nin

"It's hard for an educated woman to turn her head off. That's part of the joy of being a submissive. None of the decisions are yours. When you can't refuse anything and can't even move, those voices in your head go silent. All you can do, and all you are permitted to do, is feel." ~ Cherise Sinclair

"When a woman submits to a man, it's the most precious gift she can give. Herself. Unreservedly. The man has to respect and honor that gift above all else. Even if he respects nothing else in the world, he must respect the woman in his care. It's his sworn duty to protect, honor and cherish his submissive. To take care of her and provide a safe haven. Someone who would put his own needs above his woman's is no man." ~ Maya Banks

“You must bow on your knees at all times before the ruling-class norms to show you are submissive.”

“Aren't you ready to experience the emotional side of a D/s relationship? For a real taste I suggest On Becoming His - one woman's emotional journey into being owned.”

“A Dom never takes away. He only builds.”

“Bottoming doesn't make you a submissive any more than standing in my kitchen makes you a cook. By the way, while you’re there, please make me a sandwich.”

“Yeah, equal pay for equal work and our bodies ourselves and Gloria Steinem and all that jazz...but in that dusty dark little corner of every woman's heart where we keep our maps of Tierra del Fuego lives the hunger to fetch a powerful man his slippers on her hands and knees.”

“The only way I'm letting you go is off.”

“He’s a steamroller in my life and I like to be laid out flat. I like his hands on my chest, pushing me down whenever my back turns to the span of a bridge. His hands on my thighs, forcing me flat, flat, flat. Yes. Yes, I like that.”

“Silence fills the sweet walk from the park. Our first encounter buzzing between us in the dark winter night. Holding your hand we know the connection, the special bond that has grown between two souls...”

“The only criterion for an Ineffable Sub's eclectic mélange of traditions from multiple submissive categories should be this only: Does it work for her?”

“I'm here to deliver what you need.”

“Acting so obviously submissive to Max around strangers, I felt a lot of humiliation. The looks from people, the comments. But I also felt this strange sense of pride. I am his possession, his property. And I'm proud of that. I'm proud of how happy I make him.”

“Some people - and a high percentage of submissives - wanted clear-cut rules. Preferred their duties laid out, like schedules and lists.”

“Her intensity often surprises and mystifies the people within the Warrior Princess Submissive's circle of associates. They will occasionally forget how deeply she feels and believes in her causes and, as a result, suddenly find themselves being pummeled in a debate that they hadn't expected, nor wanted.”

“I no longer fear the pain...I fear no release from this torture...knowing that I've hurt him and he can't forgive me...that he won't be able to make me his good girl again.”

“I know what you think…like most girls do…that you have to work hard at a career, get ahead, be just as ambitious as a man.” She raises an eyebrow to this, but stays quiet. “I don’t want a girl who wants to be a man’s equal. I want a girl who understands her place.”

“And that's the point! Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force strength power. Not wanting to be girls, they don't want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women's strong qualities have become despised because of their week ones.”

“She may, in fact, love you; she may want you, but she will rarely admit to ever needing you. Falling in love with a Warrior Princess Submissive is definitely not for the faint of heart.”

“The Warrior Princess Submissive herself may be uncertain of her own submissive nature, so it is entirely understandable that the Dominant seeking to woo her might be somewhat tentative, himself. If the Dominant has even the tiniest iota of doubt about his own dominance or his D/s relationship skills, he is doomed. He will be eaten alive, and not in a good way.”

“Don't make me slap your pussy.”

“Consider yourself taken, sweetheart.”

“Pity the poor novice Dominant who attempts to “break” or “discipline” a Warrior Princess Submissive without her explicit consent. The best case result in that scenario is likely to involve a great deal of frustration and humiliation for him. The worst-case outcome is a little too gruesome to contemplate.”

“Submission is not in the bowing of heads or knees but in the humbling of your whole being (spirit, soul and body)”

“She can be a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, inside a conundrum, rolled in a frito burrito. In other words, a total freaking mystery to anyone who isn't gifted with mind-reading abilities.”

“While her knight doesn’t necessarily have to be fighting on the same side as the Warrior Princess Submissive, he does need to be a fighter, and he had better be damn good at it.”

“She instinctively knows that each pretender she eliminates brings her one step closer to the One, and in fact, it is not unusual to hear her use this exact terminology: The One. You can almost hear the Capitalization as she says it.”

“A Warrior Princess Submissive seeks not just a Dominant; she seeks a Dominant’s Dominant.”

“He gets hard seeing his marks on me. I get wet knowing this. I don't try to analyze it. It's just us.”

“Deference is not a foregone conclusion, but a forelock-tugging one.”

“It takes courage not to laugh at your boss’s joke, especially if it is funny.”

“Submission is a tyrannical discipline.”

“I wondered if it was actually true or if he was simply obeying my commands to confess, but then I realized that I’m the only one who lies in this relationship.”

“Whatever we have in the glory of man is "away". Those are just not enough before we go "home" to the glory of God.”

“It is only through faith that you will receive the patience, obedience, and humility to be submissive”

“A good Dom knows what their sub's pain tolerance is, their likes and dislikes, and won't go beyond what their sub can handle.”

“You are going to make a beautiful submissive.”

“Because I need it," I screamed. "I tried. I tried to stop once I got my license and be normal. But.. I needed it. My body craved it the more I denied that part of me. I need to be spanked. To be dominated. Because it's in those moments when I truly feel like myself.”

“If you are doing whatever a shepherd is ordering you to do,

“If you are doing whatever a shepherd is ordering you to do, then you are a real sheep, a poor submissive being!”

“Her response confirmed he was right. Vanilla sex wouldn’t be her preference. Yes, he was a sexual dominant. But, unlike most of his fellow masters, he could do without the formalities of D/s and slip into “regular” sex if that was what his woman required in the moment.”

“I’ve succumbed to the absolute power of the man that pulls, culls, calls my unwitting submission. And I’ve embraced the power of my submission to draw him in further, to have him kneeling and worshiping what he’s conquered. I’ve known surrender and strength with him. True freedom. And a hell of a lot of orgasms.”

“But it wasn’t mine anymore. It was his. I was his. Something in that flirted with the submissive I knew that lurked inside. How long had I waited and searched for the right man? One who could dominate me with more than just words? A sadist that liked the extreme side of life? That’s what I needed, and one with a darkness to match my own.”

“The Submission Of a Meek And Timid Woman Isn’t That Much Of a Prize. But The Submission Of a Strong Woman? Now That’s a Gift. Something To Be Treasured.”

“I’m the answer to her pain. She’s my answer for the need for it.”

“By all means be submissive in the bedroom (if you are that way inclined), but don't be submissive to life. Being life's bitch is no fun at all. Life may play up in many ways, but it's up to you to take control, take charge and show life who's really calling the shots.”

“Nothing humbles a beautiful woman better than not being wanted by a man whose girlfriend or wife is ugly (or not as beautiful as she is).”

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